Using video to get them talking

Last week I asked my AS students what things they particularly enjoyed from the lessons and a few of them mentioned the YouTube clips which we watched in lessons.  This was actually a bit of a surprise to me as quite often I had just put on the clips to kill a bit of time at the end of the lesson or as a starter activity on a Friday afternoon to get their attention.  A number of the clips which I showed were not particularly educational (although often loosely related to the topics we were studying), they were simply videos which I’d seen posted on Facebook or on blogs which I thought they would find amusing.


One example was a video about pensioners and Facebook which they found hilarious. After getting them to watch it I got them to work in groups to think about how they could explain in Spanish what it was about and why they found it interesting, and to give them their due, they did a very good job!  Another example was a cartoon which was part of an antismoking campaign and I got them to note down the reasons not to start smoking, and again, they found it highly amusing and managed to get a lot of vocabulary out of it.


Maybe this is proof that sometimes we need to step back and ignore what we have on our scheme of work and just focus for 15 minutes on engaging them and reminding them of the value of reading/listening to Spanish material outside of lessons to consolidate their learning.


If you’ve used any good YouTube clips in your teaching why not post a comment below with the hyperlink.


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