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Triptico has to be one of my favourite discoveries of the year!  It is a downloadable application which enables you to create a number of activities which work brilliantly on the interactive whiteboard.  There is a PDF guide which explains each of the different activities but below I’ve listed a few of my favourites for teaching languages:


Word Magnets: This activity could be used in a number of ways.  For example, you could upload a background image and then get students to match an item with a label (for example, at GCSE level you could add a picture of a town and get them to label the shops).  Another way of using it would be to give students a list of words in English and in the target language and get them to match them up.    I am thinking of using it when I teach the order of object pronouns next year.  Have a look at this video with other ideas of how to use it.


Student Selector: Lets you create a class list and pick a student at random.  Good to keep them on their toes for a plenary.  You can also put in new vocabulary items (instead of names) and randomly choose a word for a student to translate on the spot.


Two Team Score: A score counter which is good for plenaries.


Find Ten: An activity involving students finding ten correct objects from a list of fifteen.  For example, you could give students a vocabulary list and get them to find the ten words that are related to the current topic, or give them a list of infinitives and get them to identify those that are irregular in a particular tense.  I also got them to create their own activities to be used as revision.


Student Group:  Load a list of student names, decide how many groups you want and as if by magic, the groupings will appear on the board!


Text Spinner: A Spin the Wheel type activity.  Good for recapping – especially in grammar lessons.  I produced a wheel with a subject pronoun in each of the six sections, and then gave students an infinitive and got them to conjugate it.


Image Spinner: Same as previous, but this time with a picture.  A useful tool for oral work – get students to spin to allocate them a topic and then get them to talk non-stop for two minutes.


Download it here and give it a go.  If you find any particularly innovative ways to use if in your MfL lessons then add a comment below.


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