Triptico Backgounds

All of my colleagues who have seen Triptico have fallen in love with it and it has finally got some of them using the IWB interactively and not just as a projector screen.  However, some of them have had difficulty in creating backgrounds to use with the magnet activity which is limiting the way they are using it.  I think that this is such a shame as this is such a great tool for starters and plenaries.

I am sure that most of you are already producing your own background images without any problems but if you are not, then here is a simple way of creating them using good old PowerPoint.

  1. Download this blank slide which is the perfect size for a Triptico Magnets activity.
  2. Design your background.
  3. Go to Save as from the file menu.
  4. Underneath the box where you enter the file name before saving you will see a dropbown box called Save as type.  From this dropbown box select JPEG File Interchange Format and then press Save.
  5. You will be asked if you want to export all slides or just the current one, select to export only the current slide.
  6. When you load the Triptico magnets activity you need to select the JPEG file which you just saved as your background image.
I have created a series of backgrounds which I use for starters and plenaries in my A Level Spanish classes which which you can download here – I hope they are useful.

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