Grade Calculator (Units 1 and 3)

Use this template to easily work out a student’s grade for either the SPAN1 or SPAN3 paper.  All you have to do is fill in the number of marks awarded for each question, and the spreadsheet will automatically calculate the percentage grade for the listening, reading and writing elements of the paper.

Advice for SPAN1 Exam

Some tips on how to approach the questions in the SPAN1 paper.

Checking SPAN3 Translations

A sample English into Spanish translation with lots of errors for students to find and correct.

7b La cárcel

A worksheet covering reading and translation skills based on an unconventional prison in Norway.

A2 Vocabulary List

Suggested vocabulary list for each of the A2 topics.

AS Vocabulary List

Suggested vocabulary list for each of the AS topics.

SPAN1 Past Paper Answer Sheets

To save your printing budget, why not get students to look at the exam paper online and write their answers on these answer sheets.  Apart from saving paper, they also speed up the marking process (which can never be a bad thing)!

4c El matrimonio (Revision Translations)

English-Spanish translations to help reinforce vocabulary related to this topic and grammatical structures with which students should be familiar.  Ideal for revision.