Supporting and Stretching Students

One of the biggest challenges teaching where I work is the huge difference in ability of the students I teach.  It is not unusual for me to have in one class a few students who are almost fluent and at the same time students who slog away and who, despite their hard work (and mine), are lucky to scrape an E grade.  Despite my best efforts to produce lessons where the most able are constantly challenged and those who are less able feel supported I admit that sometimes due to a lack of time I find myself planning classes to suit the majority of the students who are in the middle.  The problem with teaching MFL is that it

seems to require more preparation than a lot of other subjects and so producing truly differentiated material does take considerable amount of time (which most of us simply don’t have).  So how can we stretch and support students without having to do more planning?


I recently facilitated a CPD session for another department where I work and one teacher had produced a document with a range of activities which can be used in pretty much any lesson to stretch or support students without creating extra work for the teacher.  She has a copy of this document with her when she is planning and ensures that she includes one of each when planning each activity.


I have started putting together my own list using WallWisher and it would be great if as many of you as possible could contribute with your ideas.  I will collate them all in a document and post on her at a later date so that we can all benefit.  Here are the links to WallWisher.

Stretch Activities

Support Activities


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