2a El Cine Worksheet

Downloadable worksheet covering reading, writing, grammar and oral skills.

Lo bueno y lo malo de Internet (Interactive Activity)

This is an interactive activity created with HotPotatoes.  It requires students to read a series of statements about the Internet and classify them as advantages or disadvantages. I have included the activity in three formats: SCORM HotPotatoes HTML If you have a virtual learning environment then you should be able to upload either the SCORM […]

1b La imagen y la publicidad

Group oral activity based around a Dove advert involving a woman undergoing a complete transformation.  Ideal as a starter activity.

AS Vocabulary List

Printable vocabulary lists for each of the AS topics.

Tense Revision

PowerPoint which recaps on all of the tenses covered at AS Level.  Good for revision before the final exams.

Preterite Tense

Resources for teaching the Spanish Present Tense.

Present Tense

Resources for teaching the Spanish Present Tense.