Compound Tenses

Worksheet looking at the Compound Tenses.

Conjugation Board Game

A board game to help students master any of the Spanish tenses.

Imperfect Subjunctive

A worksheet reminding students of how to form the present and imperfect subjunctive, and getting them to practise using the imperfect subjunctive.

1b Los Anuncios Ambulantes

Worksheet looking at different forms of advertising and their effectiveness.

1b La Publicidad Worksheet

Downloadable worksheet covering reading, writing, grammar and oral skills.

SPAN1 AfL Feedback Template

This template can be used to give students feedback on their SPAN1 essays and get them to consider how to improve their performance using AfL.

Grade Calculator (Units 1 and 3)

Use this template to easily work out a student’s grade for either the SPAN1 or SPAN3 paper.  All you have to do is fill in the number of marks awarded for each question, and the spreadsheet will automatically calculate the percentage grade for the listening, reading and writing elements of the paper.