Paper Ball Revision Activity

A colleague went on a conference last week and one of the ideas she came back with was a pass-the-parcel style activity involving students having to write their own exam style questions and their peers having to answer them.

On a piece of scrap A4 paper each student writes down a question for somebody else to answer.  For MfL this could be a verb to conjugate, a sentence from the AQA SPAN1 grammar gap-filling activity, a short translation using topic related vocabulary … lo que sea!  Screw one of the pieces of paper into a ball and then wrap the other pieces around it, a bit like pass the parcel.  Then students stand up, the student who has the ball has to peel of a layer and answer the question on the paper before throwing it on to somebody else.  If students get the answer wrong then they have to sit down and are out of the game.

I thought that it sounded like a nice little activity for the end of term!

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