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The other day a colleague sent me a link to Kahoot, a beautifully designed student response system which I tried out in lessons and students absolutely loved. Questions appear on the interactive whiteboard and then using their mobiles (or a computer) students choose the correct option and they will win points based on whether they give the correct answer and how quickly they do so. One of the beauties of Kahoot over other response systems is that students do not need to log on and so far none of my students have had difficulty accessing the site regardless of which mobile phone they have.

Kahoot gives three options (all of which are very easy to set up):

  • Quiz – add a range of questions and students have to choose the correct answer(s).
  • Discussion – basically a poll to find out student what students think about a topic
  • Survey – well, what is says on the tin really. A good tool for getting lesson feedback.

After each questions a chart is displayed showing how many people got each answer right, and then once the quiz is finished you can download student scores to put them in your mark book.

I am going to try to use in revision classes in the run up to the exam by getting students to answer past exam questions using the quiz feature so that I can have instant feedback on how they have done (with no marking necessary), and also to introduce an element of competition to what can often be quite tedious revision lessons. As and when I do these quizzes I will post them on here.

Here is a sample quiz which I created for my AS French support class on Past Participle agreements.

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