Teacher’s Report Assistant for written feedback

Last night I gave a CPD session on Teacher’s Report Assistant to some Colleagues and one of the tutors came up with a simple use for this tool that I hadn’t considered – using it to produce feedback on written work (especially for external assessment).  For those of you who haven’t seen this brilliant tool […]

Marking made easy!

I’ve just posted under the AS/A2 Resources sections two proformas which I use to give students feedback on their Unit 1/3 essays.  Not only does it make marking a bit less tedious, but in the past my students have always found it a useful way of getting feedback.  Simply print the proforma back to back […]

MfL Markbook Template

I thought I’d share this mark book template which I created this year for my new groups.  I created it as I wanted a mark book which let me filter student’s grades by skill. It is pretty simple to set up – to get started all you need to do is to put the student […]

Triptico IWB Tools

Triptico has to be one of my favourite discoveries of the year!  It is a downloadable application which enables you to create a number of activities which work brilliantly on the interactive whiteboard.  There is a PDF guide which explains each of the different activities but below I’ve listed a few of my favourites for […]

Using video to get them talking

Last week I asked my AS students what things they particularly enjoyed from the lessons and a few of them mentioned the YouTube clips which we watched in lessons.  This was actually a bit of a surprise to me as quite often I had just put on the clips to kill a bit of time […]

Unit 1 Essay Template

A number of people have asked me what I do to prepare my students for the AQA Unit 1 writing as many of them find it extremely difficult to understand the importance of having a good structure in getting a good grade in this section of the exam.  A couple of years ago I produced […]

Marking Calculator (Units 1 and 3)

One of the most tedious things about marking is having to work calculate students’ overall scores. When my students do a past paper (be it unit 1 or 3) I like to give them a breakdown by skill (listening, reading and writing) so that they can see where they need to focus their efforts. I […]