Replacing the Language Lab

I’m lucky enough to work in a school where all KS4 students have their own iPad and there is currently a big drive across the school to encourage teachers to use them more confidently in the classroom.  As a Head of Department I was recently sent on a one-day CPD course about using the iPad for MFL […]

Kahoot Student Response System

The other day a colleague sent me a link to Kahoot, a beautifully designed student response system which I tried out in lessons and students absolutely loved. Questions appear on the interactive whiteboard and then using their mobiles (or a computer) students choose the correct option and they will win points based on whether they […]

Quizlet Vocab Lists

In an attempt to help my students learn their vocabulary I have added the vocabulary lists from the resources section to Quizlet so that students can use this fantastic site (and app for Android and Apple) to play vocabulary games and test themselves.  The links to the vocabulary lists are below. AS Units 1a La […]

Triptico Backgounds

All of my colleagues who have seen Triptico have fallen in love with it and it has finally got some of them using the IWB interactively and not just as a projector screen.  However, some of them have had difficulty in creating backgrounds to use with the magnet activity which is limiting the way they are using […]

Engrade Online Mark Book

Introduction to Engrade from Engrade on Vimeo.   A couple of years ago I decided to ditch my old fashioned teacher planner and use an Excel spreadsheet to record student grades.  My reasons for doing this were twofold: firstly to enable me to filter each student’s grades by skill (listening, reading etc.) to identify where […]

Veinte Mundos Magazine

This online magazine has a range of articles (some related to AQA prescribed topics, some not) but all of which are pretty interesting and should be accessible to the majority of students.  Many of the articles also have audio versions too which students can use to help them with their listening skills.

Virtual Revision

    With exams just around the corner students have started to ask me about revision sessions once they are on study leave.  In the past when I have run such classes they have never been particularly well attended as students were reluctant to travel into College just for one class.  This year I am […]

Triptico Verb Tense Revision

With the AS exams just around the corner (gulp) I have just produced a verb tense revision activity to be used at the end of my lessons over the next few weeks.  I have used my favourite IWB tool ‘Triptico’ to create a list of common verbs (both regular and irregular) to be used alongside […]