Back to the old school

We always try to make lessons as engaging as we can for students with interactive starters, plenaries and collaborative working wherever possible, but sometimes, for reasons often beyond our control, it isn’t possible to prepare the lessons we would like to deliver in an ideal world. Last week I had planned a lesson with my […]

Grammar at KS3-4

As somebody who currently teaches in a Six Form environment it often feels that a significant number of students begin to study A Level MfL without the necessary foundations on which to build. Out of the 30 AS students that I have this year (all of whom got A and B grades at GCSE), only […]

OneNote and the IWB

This week I am delivering CPD on ICT in the classroom and one of the topics I’m considering is the use of MS OneNote in conjunction with the IWB.  There are a number of reasons why I’m not particularly keen on the SMART software.  Firstly, in my institution we have two different makes of IWB […]

MfL Markbook Template

I thought I’d share this mark book template which I created this year for my new groups.  I created it as I wanted a mark book which let me filter student’s grades by skill. It is pretty simple to set up – to get started all you need to do is to put the student […]

Revista Superpop

I’ve just added a new resource to the AS page which is a questionnaire which students can devise to get them to think about the qualities of a good friend. When I have used this in the past students haven always enjoyed doing it, and it always ends up taking a lot longer than I […]

Spanish TV

As I waved off my AS students last week a few of them asked what they can do over the summer to improve their Spanish.  As a student I can remember being given a couple of dusty old novels and being over the moon with them but we have to be realistic … times have […]

Unit 1 Essay Template

A number of people have asked me what I do to prepare my students for the AQA Unit 1 writing as many of them find it extremely difficult to understand the importance of having a good structure in getting a good grade in this section of the exam.  A couple of years ago I produced […]

Exam resources

If like me you prefer not to base your teaching on one particular textbook, and thus are always on the lookout for good resources, it might be worth having a look at the past papers available from other exam boards. It might sound obvious but I mentioned this to some colleagues recently and none of […]

Glogster: Create Online Posters

Glogster is a free online application which lets you create and share posters.  It is very easy to use – you just choose the element you want to add to the screen and voilá.  To get started students will need to create an account (free of charge).  Creating a poster is a great activity at […]