Taking resources from old exam papers

One of the biggest annoyances that comes with the introduction of a new specification is having to build up a bank of decent teaching resources.  Whilst there are some big differences between the current specification and the new one, there is (thankfully) also some overlap.  Bearing this in mind I have been through all of […]

New Draft Spec Released

I’ve been waiting with bated breath to see the draft A Level specification from AQA for teaching from September 2016 and here it is! I’ve had a quick glance and it does look quite a bit drier than the current spec and there is much more importance on cultural understanding than there is at the […]

A Level Spanish Results Analysis

Last year I posted a resource for analysing AS and A2 Spanish results which a number of people found quite useful. The result is a document like the one below which you can give to students to help them see at a glance how they performed in each part of the paper.  Last year my students […]

Issues Accessing Resources

Please note that some people are having issues accessing the resources section of the site with older versions of Internet Explorer.  If you are having problems then please update your version of Internet Explorer or use an alternative browser such as Google Chrome.

Quizlet Vocab Lists

In an attempt to help my students learn their vocabulary I have added the vocabulary lists from the resources section to Quizlet so that students can use this fantastic site (and app for Android and Apple) to play vocabulary games and test themselves.  The links to the vocabulary lists are below. AS Units 1a La […]

Last Minute Advice for AS SPAN1 Exam

  For students sitting their SPAN1 exam next week then this document gives some useful advice on how the questions on the paper where students often lose marks.  

¿Cómo llevar los tacones más altos?

This is a short article about women who are having their small toe surgically removed to enable them to wear higher high-heels.  I have uploaded it to Textivate which enables you to generate a range of activities from the text.

Click here to view the activity.

Are GCSEs really the problem?

Given the recent debate on the validity of the GCSE qualification I thought that I would throw in my two-penneth worth …   For me there are two issues involved here:   Firstly, I think that most of us would argue that GCSEs are a valuable qualification and that they are also pretty rigorous.  Mr […]

Engrade Online Mark Book

Introduction to Engrade from Engrade on Vimeo.   A couple of years ago I decided to ditch my old fashioned teacher planner and use an Excel spreadsheet to record student grades.  My reasons for doing this were twofold: firstly to enable me to filter each student’s grades by skill (listening, reading etc.) to identify where […]