Replacing the Language Lab

I’m lucky enough to work in a school where all KS4 students have their own iPad and there is currently a big drive across the school to encourage teachers to use them more confidently in the classroom.  As a Head of Department I was recently sent on a one-day CPD course about using the iPad for MFL […]

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Has transcription got its place?

Doing lots of past paper practise with my AS students I have realised just how much practise some of them need at transcribing what they hear in the target language listening comprehension activities.  Each year I say that I am going to do more of it but somehow I never get around to it.  Now I have a […]

Engrade Online Mark Book

Introduction to Engrade from Engrade on Vimeo.   A couple of years ago I decided to ditch my old fashioned teacher planner and use an Excel spreadsheet to record student grades.  My reasons for doing this were twofold: firstly to enable me to filter each student’s grades by skill (listening, reading etc.) to identify where […]

Virtual Revision

    With exams just around the corner students have started to ask me about revision sessions once they are on study leave.  In the past when I have run such classes they have never been particularly well attended as students were reluctant to travel into College just for one class.  This year I am […]

Teacher’s Report Assistant for written feedback

Last night I gave a CPD session on Teacher’s Report Assistant to some Colleagues and one of the tutors came up with a simple use for this tool that I hadn’t considered – using it to produce feedback on written work (especially for external assessment).  For those of you who haven’t seen this brilliant tool […]

Accented Characters the Easy Way

Getting students to use accents when word processing can be a bit of a challenge.  I used to try to get my students to learn the necessary alt + gr codes but these can be fiddly to use on a laptop if you haven’t got a separate numerical keypad. Also, an increasing number of students […]

OneNote and the IWB

This week I am delivering CPD on ICT in the classroom and one of the topics I’m considering is the use of MS OneNote in conjunction with the IWB.  There are a number of reasons why I’m not particularly keen on the SMART software.  Firstly, in my institution we have two different makes of IWB […]

Triptico IWB Tools

Triptico has to be one of my favourite discoveries of the year!  It is a downloadable application which enables you to create a number of activities which work brilliantly on the interactive whiteboard.  There is a PDF guide which explains each of the different activities but below I’ve listed a few of my favourites for […]

Smart Phones for Multiple Choice Quizzes

Socrative introduction video (new) from Socrative Inc. on Vimeo. If you (like me) spend half of your life telling students to put away their mobile phones then you may initially be sceptical about this nifty little tool, which allows you to create very simple multiple choice quizzes and get students to respond as a class […]