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I suspect that most of you, like me, are thinking about what you can do after Easter to get your AS students ready for the exams.  Last year I got my AS group doing translations on the 12 prescribed topics to help them revise the vocab and grammar at the same time and I think that it worked quite well. Despite having taught A Level for six years it still surprises me how much students enjoy translation!


I have started to produce worksheets on each of the topics and will post them on here one by one over the next twelve days.  Each worksheet has ten phrases to translate from English into Spanish, and there are vocabulary clues at the end of each activity.  I have also included suggested translations which means that you can get students to complete the activities independently without teacher input.


Don’t forget that in the Grammar resources section there is a PowerPoint for revising all of the tenses (formation, irregulars, usage) and there is also a Triptico Activity for revising verb conjugations.


Here is the first of the translation activities.


1a La televisión

1b La publicidad

1c La tecnología de comunicación

2a El cine

2b La música

2c La moda

3a El deporte y el ejercicio

3b La vida sana

3c Las vacaciones

4a Las relaciones con los padres

4b La amistad

4c El matrimonio

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