Adiós Pendrive

The longer you spend as a teacher the more resources you develop – all of which are probably stored on your USB.  Given that most of us don’t back up our USB drives as often as we should, they aren’t the best option for storing files.  That is where SkyDrive comes into it.  It is a free file storage service offered by Microsoft.  If you have already got a Hotmail account then you will already have a SkyDrive account.  Log into you Hotmail account, and click on the Office tab at the top of the screen, and start uploading your files.  You can access your files from anywhere you have internet access, edit them online (even when the computer you are working on doesn’t have MS Office), and share files and folders with other people.  You get 25 gigabytes of space which is more than enough. Have a go!!

There is an additional tool called SDExplorer which lets you access the files in your SkyDrive account through your MyComputer.  You’ll have to pay for it but it is worth every penny.